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Monthly Archives: januari 2014

Edvard Munch, The gallopping horse, ca. 1912

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oil painting on canvas, 148 x 120 cm, Munch Museet, Oslo

The horse pulls a simple flat sleigh on which the driver is standing. It most probably is a Norwegian Fjord pony, however not with standing manes as usual, but with long flowing manes as they naturally grow. The animal goes with high speed on a narrow road between some boys and girls and it is clear the driver enjoys this ride. The horse looks  somewhat excited, maybe also because of the waving girl. We could discover symbolic content in this picture, but at the same time this is a realistic village scene with people who enjoy being outside in the snow, for example on New Year’s Day. In any case the artist has given a dominating role to the horse that has the chance to gallop at full speed. This work is included in the project The Horse in Art, part of the database RKDimages of The Netherlands Institute for Art History in The Hague. More information about the background of the database The Horse in Art can be found on the page Database of this website. For a direct link to the full database, please click.

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