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Monthly Archives: februari 2014

Half-pass by a Cadre Noir member

by Georges Margot (1902-1998)

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Drawing, ca. 1960, gemonogrammeerd, Ecole Nationale d’Equitation, Saumur

This rider performs a beautiful half-pass excercise, in French l’appuyement. The horse trots forward  and sideways on a diagonal line, crossing its legs. This colored drawing was made the colonel Georges Margot, who was the écuyer-en-chef of the cavalry school in Saumur from 1946 until 1959. Margot had a very fortunate combination of talents as a gifted rider and an original artist. He started to make sketches of horses in Saumur in 1932, but became more active as an artist after his retirement. In 1994 an exhibit of his work was organized in Saumur, showing 200 drawings. Next to dressage horses his work includes harness horses during competitions.