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Monthly Archives: februari 2015

‘Sportreiter’ (Sporting rider) by Reinhold Kübart, 1925

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bronze,  30 cm high, private collection

In 1930 this very elegant sculpture was offered in Germany as ‘Groszer Preis der Republik’ to the breeder of the winner of an important race. The horse shows an exemplary racing condition and the rider also shows a highly trained body. The sculpture is clearly designed to render the ideal combination of the sport horse and its rider. In that time in Germany there was a trend to idealize the farmer and his working horse of which there are many examples, so Kuebart created an impressive contrast. Next to the training condition the ease and relaxation of both rider and horse are striking, indicating they are attuned to each other’s reactions. A much larger version of this work got a place at the race course Grünewald in Berlin, but was destroyed in the second world war. After the war a copy was placed at the entrance of the race course Raffelberg in Mülberg an der Ruhr. There it still is on view. (Literature: Gerhard Kuebart, Über Trakehnen nach Berlin: Leben und Werk des Bildhauers Reinhold Kübart (1879-1937), ISBN 978-3-9811569-0-4)