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Monthly Archives: maart 2015

Portrait of Yanko by Wouterus Verschuur, ca. 1850

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oil painting and pen on paper, 33,5×42,5 cm, signed, Christie’s (Amsterdam) 24-1-2006

Compared with the many other scenes with horses of this artist, this one stands out.  Here there is no romantic stable interior or countryside, but the realistic portrait of an individual horse. The name of the horse has been mentioned in the lower right corner, Yanko. The stable interior is only vaguely indicated and all attention goes to the horse with its own characteristics. The color is striking. This is bay roan and not often so well rendered with its many shades by a painter. The sunlight falls on the coat so that the muscles can easily be followed. The horse expresses relaxation with its whole body: standing on three legs, ears leaning back and eyes looking down. Maybe it was the artist’s own horse.