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Monthly Archives: november 2015

Prince Hendrik and his company in a hunting wagon on the moor at Soeren, by Ernst Hugo von Stenglin, 1901

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oil painting on cloth, 110×150 cm, signed and dated, Rijksmuseum Paleis Het Loo, Apeldoorn, inv. nr. PL290

Prince Hendrik (1876-1934) was the husband of Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands. They married in 1901. He was a passionate hunter and often made tours on horseback with Wilhelmina, which she mentions in her memoirs. This painting is a portrait not only of Hendrik but also of the horses, the hound and the hunting personnel. On a sketch on the backside the painter has indicated all names. The horses are Korsar (front left), Koslak (front right), Kathi (left behind) and Kitty (right behind). In the back of the carriage are huntsman baron Van Zuylen, the chief hunter Vogt and Hela, the hound. Prince Hendrik sits in front with a hunted stag at his feet. The carriage is driven by the head coachman Schwebke. At some distance rides game master Beyer on the horse Edward. Prince Hendrik came from Mecklenburg and so came several of the hunting staff came. It is likely that the horses also came from there. The hunters are dressed in green suits and capes with hunter’s hat. The coachman wears the livery uniform with long coat and top hat. The painter Von Stenglin was a friend of Prins Hendrik from Mecklenburg. This group portrait indicats the appreciation of Prince Hendrik for those who worked with him, people and animals alike. The painting is on permanent loan from the Stichting Historische Verzamelingen van het Huis Oranje Nassau (courtesy Hanna Klarenbeek, curator Paleis Het Loo).