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Monthly Archives: augustus 2016

Horse market in Mongolia by Willem Dooijewaard, 1926

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Pastel and charcoal on vellum, ca, 35×60 cm, signed and dated lower right, Singer Museum, Laren

This work gives us a detailed picture of Mongolian riders and their horses at a time when the horse (and the camel) was their only means of transport. Dooijewaard travelled all over Asia and left us with important documentation next to artistic value. Here we see the small and unelegant horses which excelled in stamina and endurance. We also see camels. To cross large deserts the camel was more suitable, but for all other purposes the horse was indispensable, especially when speed was important. It is not a coincidence that the Mongolian Derby still is a world-renownded event (which was completed by two Dutch amazons in recent years). In Mongolia also lived the wild Przewalski horse until about 1968, but the domestic Mongolian horse has a different exterior. The degree of relationship is still unclear. This work can now be viewed in the exhibit ‘Wanderlust’ in De Hallen in Haarlem, The Netherlands, until September 11, 2016.