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Stable, by Franz Marc, 1913

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‘Stallungen’, oil painting on cloth, 73,6 x 57,5 cm, monogrammed, 1913, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. 

The artist must have been fascinated by the row of heavy horses in a stable. They are tied up in stalls and separated from each other by partitions. In order to see who is entering the stable the horses have to turn their head, which is happening in this painting. On the left the row of stalls with horses makes a turn so that we see the right sides of these horses. With the tails, the hindquarters, the heads and the partitions, the artist created an effect of lines and shapes leading to a new reality. This and other paintings show how Franz Marc used horses, deer and other animals to express his view on the world: a view ultimately leading to abstraction.