Here the few journals on the subject are listed, and a core list of books on the horse in art and history. Articles on this subject are mostly published in journals about history, anthropology, archeology and the arts, and they are difficult to find.  We would like to list more of such articles, so suggestions are much appreciated. A bookseller’s website spezialized in horses and art is Robin Bledsoe Bookseller, Cambridge MA, USA


United States of America:

Horses in Art,  an international quarterly publication, Wichita Falls TX

Newsletter of the National Sporting Library & Museum, Middleburg VA

Art Horse Magazine, the international journal of art, history, and horses, Beaumont TX

Great Britain:

Newsletter of The British Sporting Art Trust, and Essays, Newmarket


Horse History and Domestication of the Horse, by K. Kris Hirst, on the website


Das Pferd als Symbol: zur kulturellen Bedeutung einer Symbiose, by Marlene Baum, 276 pp., 82 illustrations, Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt 1991

Great books on horsemanship: Bibliotheca Hippologica Johan Dejager, compiled and edited by Koert van der Horst, 784 p., 1029 illustrations, Leiden 2014

From Marcus Aurelius to Kim Jong-il: the story of equestrian statues throughout the ages, by Kees van Tilburg, 424 pages, 700 photographs, Amsterdam 2017

La culture équestre de l’Occident XVIe-XIXe siècle: l’ombre du cheval. Tome 1 Le cheval moteur, 482 – Tome 2 La gloire et la puissance: essai sur la distinction du cheval, 499 p. – Tome 3 Connaissance et passion, 496 p. par Daniel Roche, Paris 2008-2015

Federico Grisone’ s The Rules of Riding, an edited translation of the first renaissance treatise on classical horsemanship, by Elisabeth M. Tobey & Federica Deigan, XXII, 628 pages [Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, 454], Tempe AZ 2014

Une histoire de l’équitation française, par Guillaume Henry (text) & Marine Oussedik (illustrations), 128 pages, Paris 2014.

‘ To amaze the people with pleasure and Delight ‘: the horsemanship manuals of William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle, by Elaine Walker. 238 pages, 2010 [The equestrian wisdom and history series].

Paard en ruiter op de steppe van Mongolië, door Jan Bemmann, Johannes Gieszauf, Gontsjigsüren Nomguunsüren, Veronika Veit,  Annemarie Stauffer, Suzanna Schütz, Christoph Rauch e.a.. 96 pages, Zwolle 2012.

Driving: the horse, the man, and the carriage from 1700 up to the present day, by Andreas Furger. [Documenta Hippologica], 325 pages, Georg Olms Verlag, Hildesheim 2009.

The Horse in Art, by John Baskett. 192 pages. New Haven 2006.

The Royal Horse and Rider: Painting, Sculpture and Horsemanship 1500-1800, by Walter Liedtke. 336 pages. Abaris Books/The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 1989.

Horses in Russian Art; from the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, edited  by Yevgenia Petrova. 224 pages. State Russian Museum, St Petersburg 2001.

El Caballo en el Arte Mexicana, by Eduardo Báez Macías, Graciella Romandia de Cantú, Elia Espinosa. 207 pages. Fomento Cultural Banamex, Mexico 1994.

Les Chevaux de Paris, by Rosine Mazin, Marc Gaillard. Photographs and data on the 110 public equestrian monuments in Paris. Editions Hermé, Paris 1986.

Ross und Reiter in der Skulptur des XX. Jahrhunderts, by Martina Rudloff, Albrecht Seufert. 192 pages. Gerhard Marcks Stiftung, Bremen 1991.

Hoofbeats and Heartbeats: the Horse in American Art, by Ingrid Cartwright and Janie Welker. 98 pages. The Art Museum at the University of Kentucky, 2010.

La Majesté des Centaures: le Portrait Équestre dans la Peinture Occidentale, by Nicolas Chaudun. 172 pages. Paris 2006.

Chevaux et Cavaliers Arabes dans les Arts d’Orient et d’Occident, sous la direction de Jean-Pierre Digard. 304 pages. Institut du Monde Arabe. Paris 2002.

Pferde: Meisterwerke des Pferde- und Reiterbildes, by Birgit Schumacher. 198 pages. Stuttgart 1994.

In het Zadel: het Nederlands Ruiterportret van 1550 tot 1900, by Charles Dumas. 128 pages. Dienst Verspreide Rijkscollecties, Den Haag 1980.

Horses and Humanity in Japan, by James F. Downs, Miwa Karoku, Suezaki Masumi, Motoyoshi Shigekatsu. 208 pages. The Japan Association for International Horse Racing, Tokyo 1999.

Horse and Man in Early Modern England, by Peter Edwards. 340 pages. London 2007

The Horse as a Cultural Icon: the Real and the Symbolic Horse in the Early Modern World, edited by Peter Edwards, Karl A.E. Enenkel, Elspeth Graham. Leiden 2011.

À Cheval ! Écuyers, Amazones & Cavaliers du XIVe au XXI siècle, sous la direction de Daniel Roche et Daniel Reytier. 400 pages. Association pour l’Académie d’Art Équestre de Versailles, Paris 2007.

Le Cheval et la Guerre du XVe au XXe Siècle, sous la direction de Daniel Roche et Daniel Reytier. 400 pages. Association pour l’Académie d’Art Équestre de Versailles, Paris 2002.

Voitures, Chevaux et Attelages du XVIe au XIXe Siècle, sous la direction de Daniel Roche et Daniel Reytier, 368 pages. Association pour l’Académie d’Art Équestre de Versailles, Paris .2000.

Les Écuries Royales du XVIe au XVIIe Siécle, sous la direction de Daniel Roche et Daniel Reytier, 320 pages. Association pour l’Académie d’Art Équestre de Versailles, Paris 1998.

The Horse, the Wheel and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World, by David Anthony. 553 pages. Princeton University Press, Princeton 2007.

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The Role of the Horse in Art and History