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The Horse in Art and History

This website has been established by Boudewijn Commandeur to provide direct access to the Database The Horse in Art which is incorporated in the databases of the Netherlands Institute for Art History, The Hague. With the button Database on the opening screen of this website you will come on the pertinent page where a direct link to the database can be used.

This website furthermore presents all kinds of information about the role of the horse in art and history. The horse has been a determining factor in many civilizations and consequently also in the arts. Around the world there are institutions that study this subject, organize performances, exhibits, or symposia. Studies and books are published by researchers. Many traditions include the use of the horse in folklore, in state events, and festive occasions. Until now there was no forum to collect and present all this information in an easy accessible way. This website provides and updates this information in seven categories: Museums, Symposia/Research Institutes/Libraries, Theatre Shows, Folkloristic Events, Publications, Exhibits, Artists Associations.

You will find the listings of each category under the pertinent button on the opening screen. Most listings have a hyperlink to more information.

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The Role of the Horse in Art and History