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The following list mentions events with a folkloristic or historic character in which the horse plays an essential role.

The Netherlands:

Metworstrennen, Sausage Race on Monday during Carnival in Vortum-Mullem, Boxmeer

Stra rijden, Schouwen, last Saturday of February in the villages Renesse, Noordwelle, etc.

Prinsjesdag, Opening of the parliamentary year, third Tuesday in September, The Hague


Leonhardi Ritt, around 4 November in Unterammergau and other villages

Leonhardiritt, around 4 November in Fischhausen, Sankt Leonhardt Church

Georgi Ritt, around 25 April in Auerberg and other villages


Leonhardiritt, in various villages on 6 November

Great Britain:

Changing the Guard at Whitehall, every day at 11.00, Sunday at 10.00 hours, London

Trooping the Colour, on a Saturday in June, for the Queen’s birthday, London (with two rehearsals on the Saturdays before)


Marché-Concours de Saignelegier, second weekend of August


Feria del Caballo, Jerez, between 8 and 15 May


Palio Races, Siena, on 2 July and 16 August


Fantasia performances during Moussems (=annual celebrations)

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